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Martin Mouton

Founder of Accelerate Hoops

About Us:

          Accelerate Hoops was created to teach the basic skills and fundamentals of basketball to all. Not only do our coaches teach in a safe and fun environment, they are able to build a strong and precise foundation to improve each player's moves and shot. Accelerate Hoops will ensure that each player will develop a strong understanding of how and why each play should be done. Players will learn individual moves, teamwork, and positions on the court. We believe in fostering the versatility of each player, and no child should be confined to a single position because of his or her height or size. We aim to build the confidence of each player, both on the court, and off. Examples of drills include working on each player's ball handles, shooting, finishing at the basket, and passing motion during practices. 

          We know what you are really looking for is a great place to grow and develop your child's passion for the sport with the right values in a team environment. Players will learn to work in a team setting, take responsibility for their decisions, and instill the values we teach here at Accelerate Hoops: Commitment, Leadership, Discipline, Unity, and Respect.

          We want your child to enjoy being a basketball player that can compete with the best! Whether they step on the court with friends for a pick up game, just to shoot around, make a middle school or a high school team, or train to become a serious college athlete, we prepare all our players for any goal they seek to achieve. We are here to bring the best out of your child and truly develop their ultimate potential. Accelerate Hoops coaching will help each player accelerate to the next level!

          In addition to providing excellent coaching to our players, our mission here at Accelerate Hoops is to give back to the community by generating funds to feed underprivileged youth in the Bay Area. Our 2018 - 2019 mission will be to provide free school lunches to over two-thousand and five hundred children for the full school year.

“Accelerate Hoops is a great basketball program for all kids 5-18 years old. Players will gain new skills & boost their confidence! At Accelerate Hoops we believe in NO EXCUSES, JUST RESULTS! Always give your Best!”

 -Founder, Martin Mouton