-Team training is our outdoor skills training for individuals to learn in a team setting, learning by example of each other and with Coach Martin workout directing drills for an hour with five minute warm-up and five minute cool down after. Teaching player's good habits and proper ways to practice and prepare themselves physically and mentally. 

Packages (Pricing per player):

1 Practice- $20 for single child/ $35 for 2 players same household 

Only Practice the month of August, once a week- $75 for single child/ $127.5 for 2 players same household

Practice from August to September- $150 for single child/ $255 for 2 players same household

This is pricing for group practices at Burgess park or non private group practices!

Things to expect at Practice:


-Fundamentals (Bend the knees, follow through, look down the court, ect.)

-Education (What you're supposed to do and when)

-Dribbling Drills (Learn how to dribble correct)

-Shooting Challenges 

-Competitive Games

Practices will be available for any all ages and I will try to make the locations and timing convenient for you. More practices and locations will be added as needed per week and for the new registered players. These practices are for boys and Girls ages 5-18 yrs. Sign up for a practice, please select a "Day and Time" which will work for you during the week. Coach to player ratio will be no larger than 1:15 players in a practice to ensure each player is given the attention and focus to learn the skills being broken down step by step and play basketball.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at (650) 389-3633.

Team Training

We are accepting and looking for new player's to sign up for practices August through September. All skill levels are excepted!