AAU Team (Info.)

Our Teams

2nd/3rd Grade (8u)

4th Grade (9u)

4th/5th Grade Girls (11u)

4th/5th Grade Boys (10u)

5th/6st Grade Boys (10/11/12u)

5th/6st Grade Girls (10/11/12u)

7th/8th Grade boys (13/14u)

9th-10th Grade Boys (15u/16uJV)

Accelerate  Hoops AAU team's

are for committed players who are willing to show up to two practices a week and will play in 4 to 5 tournaments. Each team will consist of no more than 13 players for (12yrs and under teams), 15 players will make older team's roster. All player's are expected to show up each practice, they should look to push the player to the side of them to make them better, while building strong/er relationship with the team! They should start to understanding of what the team i.d. is and how to play together within the system that we work on each week.

We are a man to man, full court pressing team, playing with energy, strategy and passion.  


AAU seasons

The team's will be for ages 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, (JV)14u, 15u and 16u. If you'd like to learn more about our AAU program please reach out Coach Martin for any questions or concerns. Looking forward to another season of successful progress for our program and player's!

·     AAU teams practice 2/3 times a week

·     Tournaments held on weekend's

·     Each team will have no more than 13 players

·     Players are expected to show up for their practice's and tournaments