AAU Teams

TRYOUT DATES: (1st week of December)

@ JLS Blacktop courts (5-6p)

Fee: $1000 returning players/ +$65 for uniforms new players

This year  season we will start the 2nd week of December, the full season will be outdoor practice unlike another season, Coach Martin will be taking on 7 or 8 teams for this season. I will only make cuts to players who are not ready for the challenge of an AAU season, I would recommend they do some drop-in training before the next try out! There will only be a max of 14 players per team, Players trying out to play up will be placed on the right team and all returning players will always have a home with us, placed with their team. For player's looking to join our club AAU team  this season you will  tryout for a position on our select team roster.

Tryouts will be for all players 11u and up our younger players will be placed on a team! All the players who are not selected will be given options for the season, so will be place on a younger team or will be placed on our "Local tournament" team. This team will be ask to only play at local tournaments and less tournaments. All players who will need to attend tryouts will receive an email before the end of November as they sign up for teams.

(Pre season will be any practice in the month of December! The district or PABT will start to rent space the beginning of the year!)

AAU Team sign ups will close November 30th!

Proposed schedule for AAU Weekends:

1)1st Tourney

2)2nd Tourney

3)3rd Tourney
4)4th Tourney

Practice Schedule will be as:

Team 1: Grd (AAU)

Days: Monday/Wednesday

Time & Location:3-4p @

Team 2: Grd (AAU)

Days: Tuesday/Thursday

Time & Location:4-5p @ 

Team 3: Grade Grd (AAU)

Days: Wednesday/Friday

Time & Location: 4-5p/6-7p @ 

Team 4: Grade Grd (AAU)

Days: Wednesday/Friday

Time & Location: 5-6p @ 


Team 5: Grade Grd (AAU)

Days: Monday/Friday

Time & Location: 5-6p/4-5p@ 

Team 6: Grade Grd (AAU)

Days: Monday/Thursday

Time & Location: 4-5p/3-4p @ 

Team 7: Grd (AAU)

Days: Tuesday/Thursday

Time & Location:5-6p @ 

Team 8: Grd (AAU)

Days: Tuesday/Friday

Time & Location:3-4p @ 

AAU Player practice questionnaire 
Which teams schedule are you most interested in for team practice time?
Do you want all the players to wear a face cover the full practice? (We'll go with top answer!)
Which location would you prefer for pre season Practices:
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