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Summer '22 team Rosters

What Is AAU Basketball ?

Competitive youth basketball, different program sign up to attend different organizer's tournaments throughout the year and nation.

Our goals..

Win every tournament we play in, get invited to top national tournaments, get sponsored by major brand. Help players obtain a free higher education and/or start a professional career!


D1 is the top division in which we have our teams involved in, D2 is getting ready for D1 but not able to stop player's scoring or able to score on competition. Our D2 teams will only play tournament in Bay Area (Santa Clara/Hayward).


D1 travel team will starting in the summer 2021 for Accelerate Hoops! 



$1000 returning players/ +$100 for uniforms new players. (2 players/$1700) 



This year our AAU seasons will be outdoor practices unlike seasons in the past, Accelerate hoops will be taking up to 7 or 8 teams, each team will be made up of 15 players or less. If we need two teams for the same age group tryouts will decided the split between D1 and D2. Teams will not change rosters, unless Coach Martin ask!  Cuts will be made to players who are not ready for the challenge of an AAU season. 5th grade players and below will not be cut, we'll have "the talk" if needed. I would recommend all players do some drop-in training with throughout the year, to be sure to give yourself the best chance to play the most minutes possible for yourself! Not all players will play every game as coach will decide on playing time and who has earned it! If cut please practice and do not give up, we at Accelerate Hoops won't give up either we will work on you and your game until your ready in a few short weeks or months! Cause you never know how great you can be, but it's not easy!  All returning players will always have a home with us! For player's looking to join our clubs AAU team will tryout for a position on our respective team roster, unless the spot is available. 

Teams may have the same practice times and day, if we have more 4 teams in a season. Players will still stay with their teams during practice and work on plays and challenges together, getting to know one another and who does what!

Practice Schedule for Summer 22' :($1000 per player)

Jun 20th-Sep 4th

5th Grade (10u AAU)

Days: M/W

Time: 4:15-5:15p

Location: PABT

7th Grade/ JV Team (14u AAU)

Days: Mon/W

Time: 4:15-5:15p

Location: PABT 

(AAU tournament weekends:)

July 2-3

July 30-31

Aug 13-14

Aug 20-21

Sep 3-4

Once on TeamSnap you will see schedule for the full season, please sign up now! 

TRYOUT (6th grade & above):

Date:(Sept. 10th)

Time:(12p & 1pm)

Location:(Cubberley Gym)

Tryouts will be for all players 11+yrs! All the players who are not selected for D1 or D2 teams will be given options for the season, to train and practice for the season with the team and not play or join our drop-in classes and work on your game with our trainers and learn some drill to improve your over all game!


PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN BALL & WATER! (I'll have sanitizer) 

Coming up:

Fall 22' Season

Spring season will start Sep 19th and will go until Dec 18th. This season will be 3 times a week practice for 11 weeks and will play 5 or 6 weekends.

Cost will be $1500 per player.

(2 players for $2700)

Practice schedule 

 (3) Gym practices and (2) drop in practices a week. 

-Cubberley (6-7 or 7-8p)

 (Tu, Th, & Fr)


Full schedule in TeamSnap app once you sign up!