Drop-In Practice

Made for your easy scheduling (no commitment) and totally up to you if you want to come out, if you want to try a class to see how our program could be beneficial for your child please show up no sign up needed. Or if your child loves our classes and wants more training this the best way to keep them growing and getting better year around is practicing "often"/daily preparation.  We are always willing to create a class for your child at a location near you if we can work with the time available. 

Each class:                                                                                        


-Dribble challenge                                                                       



-And a game!

During these times Everyone is asked to bring a ball and your own water! I will have sanitizer but if you'd like to bring your own your more than welcome! Please stay 6ft apart when you can in practice put I will ask that you play normal when playing! 


Pricing (Per household):

(This fee is how many player's will you pay for, not that will be in the practice!)

(1 player per week)

1 practice- $25/ $100(month)

2 practices- $40/ $135(month)

3 practices- $55/ $175(month)

4 practices or more- $75/ $200(month)

(2 players per week)

1 practice-$40/ $160(month)

2 practices-$65/ $200(month)

3 practices-$80/ $275(month)

4 practices or more-$100/ $320(month)

(3 players per week)

1 practice-$50/ $200(month)

2 practices-$75/ $250(month)

3 practices-$100/ $275(month)

4 practices or more-$120/ $375(month)

(4 player's per)

1 practice-$60/ $240(month)

2 practices-$90/ $280(month)

3 practices-$125/ $315(month)

4 practices or more-$170/ $425(month)

Year Around:

At Ohlone elementary school every Saturday morning, year around!


Ages: 5 to 17 (There's an 8' ft "small hoop" available for younger players!)

Fee: $25 per practice/Monthly plan

Days: Saturday's & Sunday's (no holidays) 

Happening Now:

Drop-In classes available weekly on weekends (Please let us know if you plan to join a class):


8:30am-9:30am @ Ohlone Elementary

(Little ones developing- Very basic training) Cool fun Class trying new things!

Ages 5-7yrs & 13+yrs

9:00am-10:30am @ Ohlone Elementary

(Little & Big ones developing- basic training) Fun Class training basic moves and drills!

Ages 7-9yrs & 10-16yrs 


10am-11am @ Ohlone Elementary 

(All players looking for an extra workout, or only have time on Sunday's)

Ages 8-16yrs

11am-12pm @ Ohlone Elementary (Must schedule in advance!)

(All players looking for an extra workout, or only have time on Sunday's)

Ages 5-8yrs 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

3pm-6pm @ JLS  

Please let me know if your interested in join or sign up below!

(All players looking for an extra workout, or only have time on Monday's)

Ages (8-16)

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