FAQ & Answers

When Can I join/ sign up? 

We are year around and you can join the same day or plan out when you have time. We offer 7 days a weeks for your convenience!

Is there a requirement for joining?

No required skills are asked of the players, only ask that they will try their best and listen when someone is talking!

Where are the practices located?

Drop-in practices are held at Greer Park and/or Ohlone elementary school! AAU practices are at whichever location is provided!

Can I Pay just for the day or week? or does it have to be monthly payments?

Yes you can choose to pay per day, pay for one month, or pay per week (paying only the weekly rate) at the beginning of the week or month

Is this program for girls?

Yes, we are a co-ed program ready to teach boys and girls older than 5 years of age!


When are payments due?

Payments are do at the beginning of each month, even for those who are sign-up middle of the month, Pay for the weeks that you have attended , then start of the next month please make you plans and payments at the beginning of the month when signing up for the next month of drop-ins if continuing.