Youth League

(9-11) Age, For all

Wednesdays & Fridays (4:30pm-6:30pm)

March 14th& 16th Evaluation dates

1st practice March 21st

Last game  May 25th

(Location: Cubberley Gym)

Cost: $235

Accelerate Hoops is here to provide a great safe, learning, fun environment for your child to play basketball. We're teaching each player to become better and learn how to enjoy working hard, with the hoops set at 8ft for all levels making the court bigger for all the players to feel more confident on the court. Our league is for any child that enjoys basketball and whats to learn to play. Lower level teams will face teams of the same caliber. While higher level teams will face different challenges each week with players becoming better weekly and growing confidences with the game. Each team will be full (5) with a max if 7 players per team, we will only be able to place (56) players on teams this season. Each player will be provided with a uniform for their team, 9 gym practices, 8 games.  each team will have one practice and one game per week. The game will start with lots of timeouts and learning moments for the players and as we progress through the season the calls will be more costly. The players will have to use teamwork, skills, quickness, and wittiness each practice pushing each one to grow. It's a great learning and growing league for any basketball player looking to have fun!

League starting March 21th and finishing May 25th! One week off, 1st week of April.

(Only the 1st 10 kids who need financial help will receive aid!)

Please contact me if you have any questions, Coach Martin (650) 389-3633