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Accelerate League

Saturday's (3:30pm-4:30pm)
August 26th to Oct 28th 
Season goes 10 weeks
Last game Oct 28th
Ages: 6-9 yrs old (all genders)
Ages: 10-15 yrs old (all genders) 
(Location: Palo Alto Buddhist Temple )
Cost: $200

Accelerate Hoops is here to provide a great safe, learning, fun environment for your child to play basketball. We're looking to teach each player to become more skilled, learn to enjoy working hard, and how to play with strategy. Our league is for any child that enjoys basketball and whats to learn to play at a higher level. Lower level teams will face teams of the same caliber there will be two levels of play (beginners and Intermediate). While beginner teams will face each other, at the intermediate level they will see different challenges each week with players becoming better weekly and growing confidences with each game and different terminology and schemes on offense and defense. Each team will have a max if up to 7 players per team, each player will be asked to wear a team color t-shirt for their game, 10 games.  Each team will have one practice and one game per week. The game will start with lots of Traveling and double dribbles and as they learn we will enforce the rules. The player's should look to show progress throughout the season see less calls on themselves and teammates so they aren't costing their teams to lose games. The players will have to use teamwork, skills, quickness, and wittiness each game pushing each other to grow faster. It's a great learning and growing league for any basketball player looking to have fun!

Rules: (Beginner level)

-Games will start at (2:10pm) 15 minute halves, 6 timeouts (1 min each) for coaches to teach per game!

-Each week teams will look to improvements on spacing and passing. Score will only be kept the last 3 weeks and everyone will shake hands after each game!

Please contact me if you have any questions, Coach Martin (650) 389-3633   

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