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After School Programs


            Accelerate Hoops after school program is offered

in (Palo Alto/PAUSD) for now at Ohlone, if interested in

having us come to your school for lunch time basketball

and sports please have your school get in touch!

These classes are great for beginner to 

advanced that are interested in learning how

to quickly improve their skills. Players learn basic

fundamentals by playing games and doing drills that

can be practiced on their own. Our drills will increase

each players knowledge of how to play and how to

protect their bodies while playing low, quick, and able to

go left or right when needed. Every season has a

selective focus point by making the classes more

challenging and interesting but at the same time reinforce players by going back over

information from the past classes from time to time to ensure

each player is getting better.

Happening now/Coming soon:

2022-23 will be our next season in the "Fall season", starting Tuesday Sep 6th and we'll hold a class weekly. Coach's will provide a safe environment for player's to learn and ask questions, as well as learn from each others. We offer make up classes for a great experience with our program, especially if we cancelled for any weather reasons.


Each year:

We're offering (8+) classes per season with (4) season a year for $250-300 each season or $1000 for the Year. If the weather is too wet and/or windy class will be canceled by email. If needed we will not cancel more than (2) practices guaranteed, if it's raining just a little we will still class. At the end of October in the "Winter season" enrollment for the following (2/3) weeks will open spots for Kindergarten to join as they will be let out at the same time as 1st-5th graders.

This season we're offering classes at:

(Fundamentals handles, understanding what attacking the basket means and how is it done, and what is a jump stop! When should you use it!)

Ohlone Elementary $300 per season                                  

Fall (8 weeks)                                                                  

Tuesday's starting (K-5th 2:35-3:35pm).                       

Sept. 6th to Oct. 25th (2022)                                         


Winter (9 wks)

Tuesday's starting (K-5th 2:35-3:35pm)

Nov. 15th to Jan. 17th (2022-2023)


Spring (8 weeks)

Tuesday's starting (K-5th 2:35-3:35pm)

Jan. 24th to Mar. 7th (2023)

Summer (9weeks)

Tuesday's starting (K-5th 2:35-3:35pm)

Mar. 28th to May 30st  (2023)

(There are no trail classes for this program!)

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Coach Martin at (650) 389-3633 or email

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