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Summer Camp

We offer camp for 7-9u,10-14u, 15-17u!

At Greer Park, Palo Alto






"Our kids have participated in 4 different basketball programs, and love coach Martin the best.  He teaches techniques and fundamentals in crisp, clear, and very fun ways.  He strikes the balance of being easygoing and fun, yet still keeping control of the class, so that it does not devolve into chaos as many other programs do.  The kids who never played basketball before now love basketball because of him, and some have said they only want to do basketball with Martin!  My own kids trust him and listen to his coaching intently.  Martin grew up in PA too, and played at Paly winning the championship with Jeremy Lin as his teammate.   Maybe one day Martin will bring Jeremy to play?! ;)

Update:  We also want to add that we very much appreciate and value that Martin, as a business person, is very honest and fair and has a lot of integrity.  He has often put the desires of the parents/families over his own business goals -- which is not easy to do, is great role modeling for the kids, and illustrates that he is genuinely in this primarily for the kids and the game of basketball.  Martin continues to be a phenomenal coach, and this along with his integrity has kept a bunch of families coming back to Martin season after season."


"Coach Martin is top notch.  His practices are a perfect mix of skills and free flow scrimmages.  Kids immediately apply what they've learned in full speed, with Martin keeping a watchful eye and calling "FREEZE" to drive home an appropriate learning moment.  Occasionally he'll step in to run point and direct the kids in their positioning, effectively accelerating their understanding of the game.  I've seen some impressive offense being generated during these pick-up games and honestly look forward to watching them on the weekend.  Martin not only excels in making these practices fun for the kids, but for the parents as well!"


Martin Mouton


2137 Cooley Ave

East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Tel/Text: (650) 389-3633

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